The Smart Workplace

 The Evolution of the Smart Workplace?

The term Smart Workplace has gained increased notoriety in recent years. A combination of increased and improved technology, real estate growth and flexible working models have set the scene to reconsider ‘the workplace’ in our modern age. As the factory challenged the farm, and the office challenged the factory, so too do we now consider our humble office challenged.  

For many years, and still today for many organisations, offices were cubicle farms. These beehive looking floors facilitated the work that its inhabitants completed. A place for them to sit at their computer, answer their phones and do their job. These environments, whilst uninspired, served their purpose and successfully facilitated the job being completed.

By contrast, today we see examples of highly creative architecture and interiors being designed for office buildings. Whilst we could argue that these new workplaces are driven by a new way of working, the reality is that they are responding to a range of new demands being placed on the workforce.

Staff are expected to be more collaborative, more productive and more creative. These expectations are reflective of the modern world and are a product of the knowledge economy. So, whether it is labeled the fourth industrial revolution, the second age of enlightenment, or the age of innovation - the fact is that we are challenging norms faster than ever before and leveraging information and technology at a scale never seen before in history.

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