Enhancing Understanding through Presentation

 Seminar Theatres

When students walk into a lecture theatre they expect a show. They are sitting in what can only be described as a small amphitheatre and they are there to be engaged. The presenter is expected to put on a performance, and it is the technology that enables this.

Seminar theatres have evolved significantly in the past 10 years. Moving from a space with limited technology, theatres have now become a hub of electronic presentation. Seminar theatre solutions provide aural and visual teaching materials to large audiences with the inclusion of sound reinforcement for students with hearing difficulties. All solutions of this scale must be extremely intuitive as they are used by a wide variety of staff and students; consequently user interface is of paramount importance.


Technology Involved in Creating a Seminar Theatre Solution

  • Display Panels
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Speaker Systems
  • Projection


Ultimately, the client is delivered an easy to use, automated lecture theatre, which creates a powerful teaching and learning space. With the addition of online training videos and high level SLAs these rooms require minimal resources to run.

Clients that have employed a videopro Seminar Theatre solution

Featured Case Study

Large scale integration for Griffith University

Expanding their Gold Coast campus, Griffith made their largest investment in a single building in its 40 year history, with the Griffith Health Centre. The Centre includes a 600-seat auditorium, a 250-seat lecture theatre, and a range of other teaching and general access computing spaces, as well as a restaurant and shops.

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