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We live in a world filled with messages fighting for our attention.  At Videopro we believe the key to getting that attention isn’t by being louder, but by being better.  Buildings and spaces are evolving through a collision of architecture and technology, working closely together to create something amazing.  When dealing with these spaces our goal is to create environments that activate the space and fill them with wonder.  We achieve this through successful, open collaboration between architect, AV designer and content producer, each bringing a unique skill set to the table.  Through this collaboration multiple technologies can be integrated, such as; curved projections walls, video walls, projection mapping and interactive displays.  Whilst technology is the vehicle, the content is the driver and spaces require both excellent and relevant content to truly turn them on. In 2014 we increased our commitment to this creative space by successfully acquiring multi award winning ‘Wizard Projects’  an experienced public space integrator, further enhancing our capabilities in this creative space.  

Technology Involved in Creating a public space Solution

  1. Panels
  2. Projectors
  3. Digital Signage Players
  4. System Control
  5. Audio Systems (Speakers / Amps)
  1. Panels
  2. AMX (Inspired Signage)
  3. Bright Sign
  4. Visix
  5. Spinetix


A Public Space display solution delivers clear messaging to large scale audiences, and caters to a diverse variety of applications from marketing to directions and memos.  Fast and effective communication is achieved on any scale; from small display screens to large scale external projections.

Clients that have implemented A PUBLIC SPACE SOLUTION with Videopro include:

Featured Case Study

Dramatic First Impressions for the Hilton Hotel

One of the most recognised names in the industry, Hilton Hotels stands as the stylish, forward thinking global leader of hospitality.
Their Brisbane hotel has recently completed a $14million AUD refurbishment which included transforming their Elizabeth Street Concierge entrance into a dynamic and modern space.

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