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Pexip simplifies video communication across borders, businesses and platforms. It provides a flexible, scalable video conference platform that enables interoperability between video conference systems. With support teams based in Australia, talk to us today to find out how the Pexip platform can work for you.


Virtual Meeting Rooms

A VMR, or “virtual meeting room”, provides a single digital space that participants on any device can join for reliable, HD group video meetings. This makes it simple to invite internal or external meetings.


Ways to join

  • Professional video conferencing room systems (SIP / H.323 devices)
  • Web browsers (WebRTC - no downloads required)
  • Traditional audio conferencing (PSTN dialing)
  • Desktop/mobile (with the Pexip app)
  • Skype for Business app ^
  • Microsoft Teams / Google Hangouts *



*  = Additional license required
^ = Environment needs to be federated with the cvjoin service


VMR Features

  • Group Video Meetings 
    Host and join simple video meetings with intuitive conference controls for more productive meetings 
  • Group Chat 
    Each VMR supports group chat for users joining via desktop, mobile, or web.
  • Scheduling
    Integrate with your work calendar and add a VMR's joining details to calendar invites with one click.
  • Simple Conference Controls
    Easy-to-use conference controls to view and manage participants, lock your meeting room, and set room PINs for hosts or guests.
  • Two-way Content Sharing
    Share presentations and application windows with the rest of the meeting room. 
  • Dedicated App
    Professional video conferencing from any device with our mobile and desktop apps.
  • 1:1 Video Calls on Any Device
    Replace long, complicated email or chat threads with video calls on any device with Pexip apps
  • Live Streaming & Recording
    Stream content directly from a VMR to a range of supported third-party streaming platforms via our RTMP streaming integration.


Secure, private video conferencing for remote workers

 Pexip is committed to protecting customers’ data and upholds high standards of information security, privacy and transparency for its customers, partners and employees with its enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions. They offer security-first, enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions using industry-standard encryption and security protocols to maintain privacy and security.

Encrypted Communication
Pexip Infinity supports the latest industry standards for communication encryption for end-user devices, ensuring that communication encryption is as strong as possible.

Private Deployments
Run the entire meeting platform on-premises and inside your network, or on any private cloud you choose. You’ll benefit from all the security measures you already have in place, plus those in place by your cloud provider.

The PexOS Operating System
Pexip Infinity uses a customized, cut-down version of Linux that has been specifically designed to avoid exposing unnecessary network services. This naturally limits the “attack surface” available to an attacker.


High-quality video meetings

Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests. Every time. Easily meet anyone face-to-face, wherever they are. Meet people on video whatever their device or technology, with premium video conferencing that just works. The Pexip video meeting and calling platform lets organizations simplify dynamic video collaboration at scale by making it possible to schedule and host meetings instantly on any device.  With Adaptive Composition, your users and hardware don’t have to change; instead, the meeting experience adapts to your users and hardware. Real-time image-framing optimizations powered by Pexip's innovative AI technology, such as cropping, panning, and tilting, ensure people’s faces always remain in focus for more immersive, engaging meeting experiences. Simply activate as many virtual meeting rooms as you need to enjoy more immersive, seamless meeting experiences.


Total interoperability

 Connect all your video conferencing technology with a single solution. Pexip is widely considered to be the leading provider of interoperability between video meeting solutions. They join standards-based video conferencing from vendors such as Cisco, Poly, Lifesize and many others with Microsoft collaboration tools, Google Hangouts Meet* and audio-conferencing platforms. Modern workspaces are filled with video-capable meeting and digital collaboration platforms. Pexip bridges the gaps between these platforms. Content sharing and collaboration works across platforms as well. Pexip makes sure that content is shared efficiently between all meeting participants. Even in those meetings where hosts upload their PowerPoint presentation beforehand. Pexip naturally supports dual-stream content and video so you can see the presenter at the same time as the content.

*  = Additional license required


Flexible deployments

 A cloud-native platform provided as a service or deployed as a self-hosted solution either on-premises or in any cloud environment. The flexible deployment options allow you to move to the cloud at your own pace and complement or extend your existing video conferencing infrastructure or service. Pexip enables every feature from a single platform so there is no need for appliances, multiple deployments, or complex licensing schemes. At the heart of a Pexip deployment are management and conferencing nodes. The service is available worldwide, and if you choose to host Pexip, you can deploy as many conferencing nodes you want, anywhere in the world. This ensures local capacity where it’s needed, enabling local media traffic and local capabilities, such as interoperability, transcoding, endpoint registrations, and more.


Bring people and teams together with a single, high powered video meeting platform to amplify your company communications. Because work is better together.

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