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 Meeting Rooms

Collaboration rooms are one of the most diverse locations within any office. They house everything from one-on-one meetings to large scale, global video conferences. Meeting rooms need to be able to keep up with the new generation of “Bring your own device” connectivity.  Meeting rooms have a simple goal which is to enable and enhance the meeting.  Technology and the way it seamlessly works inside the meeting room, is paramount to achieving this goal.  

The way that we design a meeting room is to put the user at the heart of everything, from how they book the meeting, to the way that they connect to and control the room.  It is imperative that these rooms run autonomously and that the user feels empowered to activate them without outside assistance.  Whether it is a display panel on the wall or a blended projection system, Videopro will work tirelessly to ensure that the technology enables better communication, collaboration and interaction with in the meeting.

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Technology involved in creating a Meeting and Collaboration Room solution

  1. Display Panels
  2. Interactive LCD
  3. Projection systems
  1. Video conferencing solutions
  2. Control Systems
  3. Audio and microphone systems

the solution

Collaboration (meeting) rooms take any number of shapes and forms – the solutions they achieve vary with their applications. Large format display and projection solutions enhance meetings through the effective display of content for consumption of large groups of people. Connectivity solutions support all kinds of devices, saving large amounts of time connecting and disconnecting and finding the correct cables etc. Video conferencing solutions enable effective communication and collaboration across geographically separated locations, saving time on sending emails back and forward and potential travel and accommodation costs. Interactive solutions simplify the interface between the real world and technology to make meetings more efficient and the distribution of ideas easier.

Clients that have employed a videopro collaboration room solution

Featured Case Study

Consistent Uptime and Seamless Integration for Optus

An Australian leader in integrated communications, Optus serves over ten million customers each day. Prior to relocating to their new Brisbane corporate head office, provision of audiovisual equipment across all four levels of the facility was required. These levels included office, meeting, conference and training spaces.

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