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We're proud to announce our partnership with aboutGOLF (aG) and can now provide Golf Simulator solutions! aboutGOLF is the Platform for the Modern Golfer. Providing unmatched technology with endless entertainment. aboutGOLF is shaping the future of the indoor golf performance experience. The simulators provide the most immersive indoor golf experience together with the most accurate tracking system on the market. This is like being on an actual golf course with the ball reacting on the screen as it would in real play.


The problem - Never Enough Time to Play the Game

You golf for the challenge, competition, connection, and entertainment. But finding time to play is harder than ever. Busy schedules, inclement weather, and the offseason conspire against becoming the best golfer you can be. Playing golf shouldn’t be this hard.

The aboutGOLF team agrees. They have pioneered the golf simulator industry over 20 years ago, removing the barriers to the game you love. Today, aboutGOLF believes you deserve more than just an indoor golf simulator. We deliver a platform designed for you, the modern golfer.

The solution – The Platform for Modern Golf

Modern Golf is a fresh, innovative approach combining data, on-demand competition, worldwide social connections, and endless entertainment. It has never been easier to golf indoors and with the aboutGOLF platform, you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

  • An authentic playing experience, from tee to green
  • Cloud-powered data platform to capture and analyse every shot
  • Fresh courses and games to keep you in the game
  • A global community to connect, compete, and play with

Don’t just play the game – win the game

Everyone wants their business to be as profitable as possible. That’s why aboutGOLF’s focus has shifted away from “just selling a simulator” to partnering with you to win the game. We use our experience and technology to assist your business with becoming a profitable, engaging, and exclusive destination. No matter the type of business you run, it could benefit from the aboutGOLF indoor golf and entertainment platform. In the past, aboutGOLF have partnered with indoor golf centers, amenity spaces, and restaurants to create wonderful customer experiences. Not only do they captivate your customers — they also provide the technology and strategic support needed to take your business to the next level.

aboutGOLF's innovative approach to the game combines the best elements of traditional golf with the advantages and convenience of technology. It’s not just an indoor golf simulator for home or business. It’s the ultimate golf and entertainment platform. Pro, Novice, or just a Weekend Warrior, we’ve got you covered! Curious? Swing by VP HQ and try for yourself!

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