Film & TV Studios

 Film & TV Studios

All of the greatest content in the world starts with a script, an idea written down and fleshed out.  Bringing these creative concepts to life is where Videopro comes in with its world class studio solutions.

Broadcast studios typically fall into two main categories; training facilities, and broadcast centres. In each scenario, the technology deployed creates an enabling environment for the people operating it. A system’s capability relies on the careful selection of hardware being deployed effectively in the studio environment. This hardware ranges from cameras to pedestals, lighting, environmental modifications and powerful editing suites – all of which determine how successful a studio will be.  Aging equipment, failing equipment or lack of equipment can significantly limit the productivity of these organisations, and with broadcast technology continuously advancing; the requirement to upgrade and redesign studios is always present.  Finally, training is paramount as the user’s ability and confidence to operate the system is imperative to a successful outcome.

Technology involved in creating a film & tv studio solution

  1. Production Cameras
  2. Tripods
  3. Post Editing Equipment
  1. Control Boards
  2. Lighting
  3. Audio


 Videopro have worked tirelessly from initial planning stages of workflow and equipment, all the way to hanging lights in our finished Broadcast Television Studio. Videopro created a wonderful environment where students can learn best practice and be confident in their skill set.  

Nicholas Roach, Technical Officer - University of Southern Queensland

Featured Case Study

Simple + Powerful Solutions for MSIT

Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE (MSIT) prides its self on “empowering individuals, industry, and communities to achieve their career and business goals.” The refurbishment of their creative arts building saw the allocation of new space to their studio and TV control room.

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