Digital Signage to Communicate Dynamic Content

 Digital Signage

Digital signage seeks to serve two main purposes.  The first is to communicate a message to an audience whether that is health and safety, advertising or simply way finding.  Through the use of exciting, dynamic content, the message can engage the audience more effectively than a static display, promoting the likelyhood that the message be both received and retained.  The second application for digital signage is to activate spaces.  Space is continually commoditising and digital signage is becoming increasingly creative.  In this scenario, the ‘Wow’ factor is the objective. Using great digital content on creative canvasses such as video walls, projection domes, image mapping and interactive environments can turn a dull and lifeless space into a whole new world.  The difference between signage and space activation is that signage involves delivering a message, ‘pushing’ content to the audience; whereas activating space is about captivating an audience, ‘pulling’ them in with engaging content and creating jaw-dropping spaces.

A digital signage solution provides the ability to set and control the content and easily manage rotation timing, frequency and distribution. Furthermore, solutions can be managed centrally and messages can differ by location. 

Technology Involved in Creating a Digital Signage Solution

  • Display Panels
  • Projector and Projector Mapping
  • Projection Domes
  • Digital Signage Players
  • System Control
  • Audio Systems (Speakers / Amps)


All digital signage solutions deliver clear messaging to large scale audiences, enabling fast and effective communication and large scale marketing opportunities.

Clients that have employed a videopro digital signage solution

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Consistent and Reliable Solutions for Queensland Health

Efficiency is a fundamental part of how every successful hospital operates, with every aspect of the hospital experience focused on the patient. Queensland Health strives to provide the best care and service possible, in the most efficient manner. To be able to provide this care, hospital staff require continuous updates on patient status and locations.

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