Transforming Workspaces through Virtual Environments

 Virtual Meeting Room

In the rapidly changing world that we all occupy, solving problems and constantly innovating have become key requirements at every level.  Making and executing quick decisions and enabling large groups of people to work together is driving a greater need for collaboration.  This increase begs the question, ‘how do I enable a large, and often geographically disperse workforce, to collaborate anytime, anywhere?’


In the age of BYOD it is hard to guarantee what people will be using. Even in heavily controlled environments there is significant difference between devices, platforms and technologies. There are also differences between how people like to work and what works best for them. More and more, it is the enterprises responsibility to enable the individual, and ensure maximum productivity and flexibility.

With Videopro Connect you can join a virtual meeting from a laptop, phone, tablet, soft client or traditional VC system.  You can join as a video call or a standard local rate telephone (audio only) call. Videopro Connect allows you to conference from any PC using just your web browser, opening up opportunities both in connecting your staff to each other, but also customers to your organisation.  Powered by the Pexip Infinity engine, Videopro Connect can be hosted locally, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. 

The Videopro Connect video conferencing service provides a platform that can allow Lync, Skype, SFB, Web browers, Cisco, Polycom, SIP H323 and audio to all communicate together seamlessly.  The service can function as a gateway between different formats, or as a space for different formats to call into.

Videopro Connect is reshaping the way we think about Video Conferencing, eliminating manufacturer, scale and cost barriers that traditionally inhibit adoption.

Watch the short video below to see how Videopro Connect can dramatically simplify your VC strategy.


Why Choose Videopro Connect?

  • Virtual Meeting Rooms provide personal meeting spaces for everyone within the organisation.
  • Virtually unlimited video & audio call bridging capabilities.
  • Fully customisable background and branding available for Video Conferencing.
  • Lower upfront and ongoing costs than traditional VC systems.
  • Choice of on premise, off premise or hybrid deployments.
  • Scalable - Buy only what you need and increase as you grow.
  • Videopro Connect is a secure service, hosted locally via IBM SoftLayer.

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