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 Support Services

Videopro firmly believes that service doesn't end when the 'keys' are handed over. Our range of post-installation services are designed to help you get the most out of your technology for months and years to come. View our range of support services below.

Service Level Agreements Training & Adoption Total Care Packages


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Videopro Service Level Agreements provide the framework for complete, ongoing care of your Audio-Visual equipment via a suite of care packages. Our aim is simple, to keep your business running without disruption from your AV equipment. This means that we aim to not only resolve current issues quickly, but also to prevent future problems. 


Our Team:

  • Customer Care - Help desk operators
  • Audio Visual technicians
  • Video Conferencing specialists
  • Control System programmers
  • DSP programmers
  • Interactive Whiteboard specialists
  • AVID Certified Support Representatives (ACSR)
  • Broadcast and production personnel
  • Certified trainers

Why Invest in an SLA?

  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Maximise up time and your return on investment
  • Monitor system performance
  • Contingency planning
  • Managing technology upgrades

SLA Package Levels

We believe that integrating products is just the start of our obligation to you - supporting, training and maintaining is the crucial next step in any AV solution.


Training & adoption

On-site, Online and On Demand Training

In order to make any AV integration a success, the hardware must be adopted by it's users. Videopro are passionate about ensuring the uptake of technology, and provide training services to achieve this. Not only can we supply training for every piece of hardware we install, but we can also assist with training on items you have sourced elsewhere. Watch the below video to find out more.

Want to book in some VP training? Call 1300 VIDEOPRO to find out more.

videopro total care packages

Taking out a Videopro Total Care Package will ensure your purchase lasts not only as long as the manufacturer deems appropriate, but that which you deem appropriate.  Our total care plan enables you to be care free.

Manufacturer warranties often omit an important step in the care of customers and their purchases, in that the management of a repair, both logistically and financially is overlooked.  As part of the Videopro Total Care Package, whether your equipment is permanently installed or simply active in it’s environment, by covering yourself with a Videopro Total Care Package we are closing the gap between what is offered by the manufacturer’s warranty and the service that you deserve as one of our valued Videopro customers.

A Videopro Total Care Package Includes:

  • Extension of the manufacturer's warranty on all items quoted.
  • Plus management and cost coverage of the freight from and back to you (the customer).
  • Plus access to Videopro's toll free support line for the management of the care package.
  • Plus a 14 day complete swap over period for any fault found.
  • Plus a full replacement on any item under $400.

Terms and Conditions apply. For more information on the Videopro total care package, download the information pack here.

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