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ScreenBeam - 1100Plus

ScreenBeam offers the industry’s only 100% app-free wireless presentation system that eliminates all contact points between the user device and the room display. Just tap once and users can wirelessly present and markup content on in-room displays from any personal device. Perfect for classroom environments, corporate meeting rooms, conference spaces and boardrooms, ScreenBeam’s award-winning technology enhances collaboration and communication in many environments.

ScreenBeam eliminates cables, buttons, adapters and dongles no matter what infrastructure has already been implemented. It supports any OS device by utilising the native screen mirroring capability in Windows, Apple, Android and Chrome devices. The result is a zero-touch screen mirroring experience that is easy to deploy, manage and utilise anywhere.

The wireless display will help you implement social distancing protocols and minimise touchpoints wherever possible, while creating a more agile learning environment that inspires better engagement and collaboration that will reap benefits today and into the future.

Unlike other offerings, ScreenBeam doesn’t require IT administrators to re-architect the network to support wireless display. ScreenBeam’s unique multi-network architecture provides three separate network interfaces, configured independently but operate simultaneously, to provide multiple paths to securely connect both employee and guest devices. Presenter and guest devices can connect peer-to-peer with ScreenBeam using Miracast™, or over their existing infrastructure network, or ScreenBeam’s Local Wi-Fi.

With the new feature on ScreenBeam 1100Plus, users gain the power to bring their own meeting (BYOM) using their personal device and UC conferencing tool of choice while connecting to the room’s camera, microphone and speakers.

Key advantages:

  • Remote meeting participants can view content shared on room display
  • Removes issue of device locked into a TEAMS, ZOOM or any conferencing client only support
  • With one click take full advantage of room AV equipment for audio and video
  • Host meeting from personal device eliminating contact with shared room consoles
  • App-free wireless display removes contact with shared dongles and cables
  • Lowers overall bandwidth costs because in-room sharing occurs over local networks
  • Eliminates need to purchase expensive UC appliances or an additional PC reducing hardware costs

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