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JCU Pharmacy and Laboratory

JCU Townsville QLD requested an upgrade to two new rooms in E-Block, previously installed by Videopro a few years ago. Due to the relocation of the Pharmacy, these two rooms required an upgrade to integrate Zoom video conferencing.

The existing system in the new Laboratory was retained and included existing 42” displays. These displays had a three-button individual controller installed under each display location. This provided simple on/off/present modes for the individual displays.

Two additional 75” displays were installed on the front wall and a main 10” controller provides full control of all displays in the room and allows the Zoom application to make and receive VC calls. Additional ceiling, handheld and lapel microphones were added for audio enhancement. Ceiling mounted PTZ cameras were installed for presenter, content and audience capture for Zoom meetings.

An occupancy sensor was included to turn the system off when the room was vacant or left in standby for a period of time. The rack was decommissioned and reconstructed to include new back-end equipment including a new distribution amplifier, switcher, receiver, charger and processors. The system was reprogrammed, recommissioned and deployed to the JCU delivery requirements.

The new Pharmacy retained and included the existing projector which was used for content display. Two additional 55” wall mounted displays were installed at the front and side walls to display the far end view of a Zoom call, or for general presentation.

An additional 8x8 matrix was added to provide input to any display for presentation and general learning.

The Extron controller provides functionality of the room. The addition of two ceiling mounted PTZ cameras and a ceiling microphone now enable Zoom VC calling.

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