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Videopro worked closely with CQUniversity and Immersaview to deliver not only new technology to the building, but the first fully immersive 180 degree screen in CQU and Townsville. With an everexpanding University, Townsville required more teaching spaces and a technology upgrade.

The complete floor overhaul included the incredible immersive room, five Zoom meeting rooms, one large collaboration space, one small meeting room and a Zoom VC mobile unit. The impressive 180 degree immersive screen is for practical teaching applications around paramedic, police, fire, aviation, etc.



CQU were heavily involved in the design and implementation of the AV for the floor. The tech on this floor is extremely new and will have suitable applications for years to come. Regardless of some COVID-19 challenges, Videopro delivered a successful, long-term AV solution.


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