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Griffith University Red Zone

Griffith University is a public research university in South East Queensland on the east coast of Australia. Formally founded in 1971, Griffith opened its doors in 1975, introducing Australia’s first degrees in environmental science and Asian studies. Opening initially with the one campus at Nathan and 451 students, the University now has five campuses spanning three cities, with campuses in Brisbane, Logan and on the Gold Coast. It has over 44,000 students and offers a full suite of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees.

The challenge

To convey the excitement and understanding of Griffiths teaching, research and industry affiliations to students, academics, industry and the community, Griffith University set out to create visitor experience centres at the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses, offering visitors creative, participatory ways to experience what the University has to offer. Also acting as a space for students to interact with technology as part of their learning, the multi use spaces are flagship buildings for Griffith.

The Solution

The design brief set by the university was to create an immersive projection wall and ceiling experience.

A custom fibreglass dome screen installed to achieve an immersive, 5 metre by 3 metre digital environment for a 3D animation experience. Based on a flight simulator model, the dome provides a full 157 degree field of view. Four high brightness projectors in portrait orientation are blended to create a standard image. User input is controlled by motion sensor technology.

A six metre wave wall, with 3 high brightness projectors blended to create a seamless image. User input is also controlled by motion sensor technology. Students interact with the wave wall and projection dome via a Microsoft Kinect camera system that detects movement and parts of the body to allow the user to control the system.

A PA System with two modes of operation; presentation mode across the entire experience centre, and individual discrete audio for each of the exhibits. Parabolic speakers with a very focused sound field are used to minimise audio spill between different zones, as up to eight different audio sources can be playing simultaneously.

A five metre wide and one and a half metre high Microtile touch wall is installed at both the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses, and are the ultimate digital canvas for full screen display, or as three interactive panels to display text, video and photographs. Built by Videopro and shipped in three sections to Nathan and Gold Coast Campuses, the multi-touch capabilities allow multiple people to interact with the installation at one time.

The augmented reality sandbox lets users sculpt their own mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes in sand, while a kinect sensor, powerful simulation and visualisztion software and a data project work together to project an augmented reality image on to the traditional, dry sandbox. The end result is an augmented environment that can be used to teach geographic, geologic and hydrological concepts.

the technology

  1. Custom 3m high fibreglass dome providing full 157degree wide field of view immersive viewing experience.
  2. 3 x lipstick cameras
  3. Barco high brightness projectors, with customer projector mounts and SimVisuals warp and blend software for seamless projection, maintaining the geometry of the projected image.
  4. A Biamp Tesira Audio DSP with separate input and output modules processes the audio signal to ensure optimum audio quality and distributes the signals throughout the relevant spaces.
  5. AMX touch panels and integrated controllers enable control of the audio system and other AV devices.
  6. Three Soundtube 20” and five Soundtube 30” parabolic speakers provide a focused sound field for minimal audio spill.
  7. Soundtube motion detectors switch off exhibit speakers if no people are within the immediate vicinity.
  8. JBL surface mount and pendant speakers are in place to address larger groups of people, but positioned in a way as to reduce audio spill into other areas.
  9. Christie Digital Microtiles are used for their high brightness and super fine resolution, working well in high ambient light environments.
  10. Microsoft Kinect 3D camera with Kinect 3D video processing software combined with Vuri VR development toolkit projected into custom built Augmented Reality Sandbox.

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