Enhancing Operations through Technology

 Utilities & Infrastructure

Utilities and infrastructure by their very nature are large scale. To gain a return, they require significant investment and productive operations.  Videopro understand this and can scale solutions to manage the AV and communications in any situation - from a small office, right up to an operations centre.

In operations, our goal is to provide relevant and live information to the people who need it most, enabling them to make fast and effective decisions.  We also offer technology to record the information that comes into an operations centre providing the capability to review and optimise decision making.  Videopro are well versed in catering to the large display and distributed communications systems that this industry demands, facilitating the dissemination of vital information quickly and effectively and often over large, distributed networks.

At a user level the technology is an enabler.  We can provide collaborative environments to spur on industry innovation and ensure connectivity is easy and systems confidence comes as standard.

videopro deliverables

  1. A wide variety of display and communication solutions
  2. Reliability and support guarantees
  3. Operation centres
  4. Training facilities
  5. Meeting and collaboration solutions

key technologies 

  1. High resolution displays
  2. Video walls
  3. Control systems
  4. Video switching

Videopro clients within the Utilities and Infrastructure Industry

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