Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education is one of the largest industries in Australia and one of Australia’s greatest exports.  It is an important key in building Australia’s diversified economy, in driving innovation, disruption and continual improvement.

When a student walks into any space, it needs to be ready to receive them and equipped to provide for them.  Two key spaces exist in universities, Lecture theatres, for the mass dissemination of learning’s, and ‘Agile Learning Environments'; a term coined to describe space for students to collaborate, group think and share on any device they have.  This 'anytime, anywhere' learning seeks to take the complexity out of the technology and enable the space to facilitate the many ‘aha!’ moments that go on every single day.

Videopro approaches the Tertiary Education sector from a learning outcomes perspective.  The user interface needs to be extremely intuitive and the connectivity needs to be extremely flexible, catering for the range of users that may operate it.  The large screens need to be of a high quality and viewable from a distance, and the audio needs to be perfect. We've been involved in the Tertiary Education industry since audio visual technology began filtering into the space, and we are very passionate about it.

In addition to the key spaces, Tertiary education can also have some very unique demands.  We build Film and TV studio’s into film schools, providing high end broadcast equipment which is often rented back to the students throughout the learning process.  We also provide digital signage at a campus level and above and create engaging digital spaces to inspire and motivate the students to achieve their best.

videopro deliverables

  1. Speedy, large scale deployment
  2. Room duplication for consistency
  3. Providing a diverse range of product to meet the unique needs of individual faculties
    • Council chambers
    • Medical simulation labs
    • Moot court rooms
    • Physiology observation rooms with recording
    • Simulation spaces
  4. Easy to use solutions
  5. Customising system control interfaces to suit end user requirement
  6. Innovative, intuitive systems for new spaces to meet new and evolving teaching demands
  7. Core product and consistent room designs
  8. Maintenance, support and keeping room down time to a minimum

Key technologies

  1. Large scale display solutions
  2. Audio distribution
  3. Room booking and control systems
  4. Custom furniture, lecterns and interactive technology trolleys
  5. Mobile classrooms (MoCows)



VIDEOPRO has preferred supplier agreements with these Tertiary clients:

University of Queensland

Central Queensland University

University of New England

Griffith University

 The Videopro team did an excellent job and went beyond expectations. Well Done. 

Michael Quinlan. Central Queensland University.

 Videopro install process and post install support was FANTASTIC!! 

Kai Mohrolz. Griffith University.

 Videopro were extremely professional. Their communication and organisation was first rate.  

Peter McMahon. Griffith University.

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Griffith University set out to create visitor experience centres at the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses, offering visitors creative, participatory ways to experience what the University has to offer. Also acting as a space for students to interact with technology as part of their learning, the multi use spaces are flagship buildings for Griffith.

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