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In professional services the mantra ‘time is money’ permeates through every part of the business and lost time is lost revenue.  In addition to this, a heightened level of professionalism is required to help inspire confidence within the customer and illustrate value to them.  With this in mind, there is no space for technology failures.  It needs to work the first time and every time.  It needs to be flexible and easy for people outside of the organisation to connect with and it needs to be proactively managed to limit any potential downtime.

Our experience has taught us that all technology decisions in professional services need to centre on the user and the customer.  All value that the firm offers comes in the form of billable hours and tangible outcomes.  In order to achieve this, communication is paramount; audio visual technologies are one of the key vehicles of communication delivery.

At Videopro, we pride ourselves on providing unrivalled technology solutions. High quality, effective installations with substantial training and support are imperative in ensuring all customers and staff have faith in the systems and can realise their benefit.

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Videopro Deliverables

  1. Streamlined operations through technology
  2. Enhanced meetings, conferences, video communications and documentation
  3. Seamless integration, discrete installations hidden from sight
  4. Training and ongoing support through Service Level Agreements
  5. Coordination of multiple devices with multiple display options including BYOD
  6. Provision of a dynamic array of communication options
  7. Presentation solutions, with speech and hearing assistance
  8. Simple control options for complex systems
  9. Automated display products, retractable screens / panels
  10. Annotation and collaboration facilities

Industry Specific Technology

  1. Video conferencing solutions (both local and hosted)
  2. Control systems and resource management
  3. Interactive panels and projection systems
  4. Wireless presentation and streaming

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Featured Case Study

Consistent Uptime and Seamless Integration for Optus

An Australian leader in integrated communications, Optus serves over ten million customers each day. Prior to relocating to their new Brisbane corporate head office, provision of audiovisual equipment across all four levels of the facility was required. These levels included office, meeting, conference and training spaces.

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