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 Mining and Resources

Resources are the backbone of our economy and their safe extraction feeds a plethora of industries.  Videopro understand the 24/7 nature of the Mining and Resources industry, where uptime, efficiency, effectiveness and safety are the pillars of its success.  Our commitment is to provide reliable technology and services to enable faster and better decision making, with the ultimate goal to increase productivity whilst reducing risk and lost time. With a focus on communication, collaboration, information and innovation, we build outcomes that are sustainable and supported.

videopro deliverables

  1.  Business requirements are understood and solutions meet strategic goals
  2.  Proven technologies over bleeding edge
  3.  System redundancy is catered for by high support service levels
  4.  Low to no downtime to minimise any costly disruptions to operation
  5.  Command and control facilities empower users to make fast and effective decisions and engage in productive collaboration
  6.  Control systems integrate in with non AV systems and processes
  7.  Reporting functionality

industry specific technology

  1.  Meeting room and collaboration technology
  2.  Digital signage and safety messaging
  3.  Vadaar (AV over IT infrastructure with after action review)
  4.  Video conferencing
  5.  Reporting
  6.  Network operations centres (including offsite rig management)
  7.  Room booking and room management systems

videopro clients within the mining and resources industry

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Featured Case Study

Fully Integrated Head Office Solution for Newcrest Mining

Newcrest Mining is one of the world’s top five gold mining companies by reserves and market capitalisation, operating mines in four countries, with a global workforce exceeding 19,000. The move into their new offices at 400 George Street prompted the installation and programming of new AV facilities.

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