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The defence sector in Australia carries the heavy responsibility of security, both foreign and domestic.  With an operations focus, Videopro service both private and public defence industries with technology to assist with mission critical operations, training, simulations, after action review, collaboration and innovation.  The quality of the solution in a simulation can have a direct impact on the quality of the operation in the field and all care is taken to ensure the technology builds real time decision making and personnel preparation.  We recognise the importance of security and confidentiality in this space and have a proven track record for delivery in classified areas.

videopro deliverables

  1.  Security and reliability
  2.  Cutting edge technology that is tested and proven
  3.  Mission critical response times and support levels
  4.  Interoperability with other systems
  5.  Simple and seamless collaboration rooms
  6.  Objectives of the organisation are met

industry specific technology

  1.  Large format displays and video walls
  2.  Meeting room and collaboration technologies
  3.  Video conferencing
  4.  Command and control facilities
  5.  Secure audio
  6.  Vadaar (AV over IT infrastructure with after action review).
  7.  Working with classified and unclassified networks.

Videopro clients within the defence industry:

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