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 Broadcast & Production

Broadcast and Production sits close to the heart of Videopro being one of our businesses founding industries.  We cater to the entire scale of this industry, from a small operation right through to an entire studio solution. Videopro are able to act as a one-stop-shop for Production clients as with our ability to facilitate the design, install, configuration and training of our clients to the highest industry standards.

Videopro keep up to date with the latest products and trends in the industry which ensures we have the best and most relevant range, and due to our scale we have some of the best buying power in the industry.  If you are looking for specific broadcast camera’s or accessories please stop buy our online store and take a look.

videopro deliverables

  1. Capability to produce solutions for any size of project
  2. Training
  3. Design
  4. Wide product range including post production
  5. Extensive support options

Key technologies

  1. Cameras
  2. Lenses
  3. Monitors
  4. Trolleys / Tripods
  5. Microphones
  6. Signal Routing


  1. Lighting Kits
  2. Green Screens
  3. Sound Equipment
  4. Mounts and Rigs
  5. Streaming Facilities
  6. Storage Options

 Students can now concentrate on learning functions and creating content...The end result is far better than we expected.  

Kevin Young, Lead Vocational Teacher Creative Industries. MSIT.

  Videopro has a strong relationship with our staff, providing proactive support. The friendship between staff and the team at Videopro is held with high regard. 

Memafu Kapera, CEO & Managing Director at NBC PNG


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Featured Case Study

Solid State Solutions for The Gall Boys

Glen Gall came to Videopro to ask for advice and to upgrade their Sony consumer Hi8 cameras. Since this first meeting in 2004 the Gall Boys have continued to come back to Videopro for all their production needs.

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