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We've been Brisbane's Premier AV Integrators since 1980. Learn more about the values that make Videopro a market leading company below.

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Our Purpose:

To enhance our customer's lives through technology and service.

Our Core Values

  • Be Passionate about everything we do
  • Build high performance people
  • Discover what works and do more of it
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Have a together we can do attitude
  • Do it once well
  • Over and above we care

Our Culture:

At Videopro our culture is the most important part of our company. It is the glue that holds together everything that we care about. From our Purpose and Core Values to what we do every day, how we do it and why we do it. Our culture ensures a supportive environment to try new things without persecution, it encourages self management and empowered decision making at every level.

We understand that a company is not a building, but the people within it, and the only way for us to grow as a company is for our people to grow. We don’t exclusively depend on outside training programs, though these are important, we foster a culture that pushes growth every single day. People at every level have real responsibilities and are pushed to achieve their best, rarely by management, often by each other. The only way that we can fulfil our purpose of ‘enhancing lives through technology and service’ is to ensure that every customer interaction with Videopro is consistent. No amount of management can guarantee this, only culture.

Videopro has a significant focus on Safety. With safety talks being held weekly in a group forum, as well as appointed health and safety officers for localised discussions. Videopro take all areas of operations very seriously, promoting a safe, secure and positive work environment. Put Simply; We are creative, collaborative, supportive, performance oriented, empowered, challenged, enabled, competitive, safe, ambitious, fun and together.

Videopro team Videopro team

Our Story

Est. 1980 - George St. Brisbane.

Videopro has been a proud member of the Queensland community since our founding in 1980. We firmly believe that our success is built on the determination and success of our people, who take their work personally. The Videopro brand means everything to us.

Starting off as a single store in Brisbane CBD, Videopro has grown from a small AV retailer into a nation-wide AV integrator. Throughout this time, we have watched technology continually evolve, and, we have evolved with it. Whilst others take to the sidelines, Videopro has looked to disrupt the industry - partnering with innovators to make the latest state of the art equipment available for our clients.

Our story is simple. Videopro has transformed into what we are today, with the help of genuine, enthusiastic, reliable people whose unwavering dedication to delivering effective, innovative and seamless solutions has established the sterling reputation we are known for. 

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 Videopro is a classic story of a company that started with a single store and has grown to work with some of the world’s biggest companies. All made possible by our people, our culture and our desire to be great.  

cameron douglas, sales director. Videopro business solutions.

 It’s exciting to be part of an industry that experiences rapid change; and it’s rewarding to see how the solutions we provide can make a real difference to the people and businesses that we work with.  

jason derry, general manager. Videopro business solutions.

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