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 AV Managed Services

Audio visual services are a key component of any organisation's IT strategy.  Driving innovation and everyday operations, they contribute significantly to communication, team collaboration, presentation, environmental control and facilities management.  With such a vast impact on the organisation it is important to consider the strategy and partnerships you adopt to realise their potential.  At their core, audio visual technologies are disparate and disconnected; many of these technologies are created to perform a unique function.  It is only through their successful integration that they can be transformed into a system, and through successful adoption that they can be transformed into a solution.

Model Methodology Benefits

VIDEOPRO’s AV Managed Service model is built around performance.  KPI’s and reporting are provided each quarter to ensure that high standards are upheld and systems performance is maintained.  You will have direct engagement with our Service Delivery Manager and pre-established escalation points will be made available to you. Lastly our organisation is committed to the Net Promoter Score method of measuring our customer service.  We pride ourselves on building systems around the user and supporting them every step of the way.

The Videopro methodology for AV Managed Services is a cycle that seeks to drive outcomes. 

  1. Strategy determines the requirement, the goal, the stakeholders, existing systems and desirable outcomes.
  2. Technology fills the requirement, handshakes with other systems, and is built around user adoption.
  3. Adoption ensures initial uptake, training and change management, and heightened initial support.
  4. Support ensures continued uptake, KPI’s, service level agreements and help desk integration.
  5. Optimisation challenges current technology as well as future decisions.

Videopro’s AV Managed Services seeks to provide the following benefits to an organisation

  • Lower overall operating costs
  • AV specific skill sets with absorption of continued training costs
  • Data analytics and reporting at a business level
  • Hosted video conferencing services and virtual meeting rooms (any to any*)
  • Metrics tied to outcomes
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Supply chain management
  • Network operations centre with proactive management
  • Standardisation

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